Gen 3:15  And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.



The Scenarios and Individuals in this series are Types, Figures, Emblems or a Representation of the two main and >> Enduring Divisions of Mankind <<  and bear witness to the absolute Antithesis and the Enmity
between Good and Evil.

Gen 3:15  And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.

This series will discuss two different Kingdoms on Earth, the one of Light and the other of Darkness (Spiritual and Carnal), and the Principles of their Law, their various Citizen’s and their Values, Characteristics Traits, Commonalities or Similarities and most importantly their Major differences in Juxtaposition, to allow a Comparative Study of Individuals, Situations, Nations and Kingdoms.

Most case studies will be of two individuals juxtaposed to give us a Clear and Concise display of their characters and the Influential Principles Governing their Circumstances, Situations, Choices and Decisions influenced by the Kingdom they Choose. See >> You Must Choose <<  & Which Kingdom Will You Serve?


We will be introduced to the individuals and other Juxtaposed Case Studies and the reasons why they have been selected for our study. In some cases the individuals, nation, or circumstance will be interactive, one with another or situations or scenarios which necessitate making antithetical decisions with objectives that cause Conflict or Animosity, such as Cain and Abel; King Saul and King David; Jacob and Esau; or Similar or same Situations or Topics with different Response or Outcome such as with Abraham,  Zacharias, and Mary (the Mother of Jesus); Leah and Rachel (wives of Jacob); Peter and Judas; Abraham and Lot; King Saul and Judas; the Nation of Israel; Judaism, Christianity and/or the Spiritual Church to name but a few.

There will be subjects that are similar in their circumstances and outcome but are in no way related as to their interaction with each other but allow a comparative analysis or contrasting approach (utilizing the principles of their respective Kingdoms to which they belong) such as with King Saul and Judas Isacariot. In the latter cases we will discuss the frailty of the case subjects and what led to their “fall” when relevant to the overall study. We are not making judgments, only noting comparisons of the conclusions based on the subject’s principles which governed them and their actions.

Falling or Failing & Chastening or Punishment
The principles that govern the two Kingdoms influence their Citizens, their Choices and Dictate the Consequences, Results and Outcome of their Decisions. See >> Relationship & Relativity <<

We will discuss the Strengths, Gain, and “Chastening” and Reward of Eternal Life according to the Principles of the Spiritual Kingdom – Kingdom of Light and the Weakness, Penalty, Loss, and “Punishment” of Eternal Death according to the Principles of the Carnal Kingdom – the Kingdom of Darkness. See link to:

>> Rulers of the Kingdoms <<

There will be circumstances of individuals who have chosen to walk in the principles of the Law of the Kingdom of Light, who Stumbled, Tripped or Fell, were Chastened but found their way back to GOD through Repentance and Grace such as King David and Peter.

They were forgiven and their broken hearts were healed through Faith in the promise of JESUS CHRIST (and the Grace of GOD), who came into the World to “bind up” the broken hearted and bless those who mourned over their sin. Through Grace, these individuals were able to rise again, Spiritually stronger than before their fall and found Peace and Rest in the LORD GOD.

There were others who have Chosen to follow the Principles of the Law of the Kingdom of Darkness, who after their sin and through Carnal Values and Carnal Principles such as Self Will, and the development of a Reprobate Mind, sought Resolution, Escape, or Oblivion by their own hand like King Saul and Judas Iscariot.
All of the aforementioned will be discussed in segments of this Series.


The outcome of the depicted lives or Circumstances will be instrumental for our Spiritual Guidance and Edification. We will be able to observe which Principles influenced the Individuals; their Character, Values and Methods utilized; the Manner and Circumstances when making their Decisions and the Outcome of those Choices and their Consequences particularly when Objectives have a Focused Basis of Comparison, always remembering the Final Judgment is to be Determined by the Will of THE LORD GOD.

Please view the Correlating Expositions in the other segments of the Series.

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